Tuesday, May 06, 2008


…the butter’s getting hard, and the jello’s jiggling.

Those are the immortal words of Chick Hearn, arguably the greatest basketball announcer who ever lived. What am I saying? Forget the “arguably.” He was DEFINITELY the greatest basketball announcer who ever lived. And whenever his beloved Lakers sealed a victory, he announced it with the above words.

Well, the great Chick Hearn is no longer with us. But if he were, and if he were paying attention to the Democratic Presidential nomination, I think he’d be warming up his classic line.

As I type this – 10:00 in Indianapolis and Raleigh – Barack Obama is poised to win roughly 128,000 more popular votes than Hillary Clinton. Obviously, that number can change, but what is clear is that Obama will win the popular vote tonight by a substantial margin. Given that he was starting with a 500,000 vote lead, Hillary couldn’t afford to lose tonight by ANY margin. In fact, she couldn’t afford anything but a big victory.

Over the next few weeks, it will be very interesting to see how the Clintons handle this. Will they try to insult our intelligence once again? Their last fiasco was the pathetic gas tax pander. Talk about a gift to Obama! The next fiasco could be the attempt to count the elections in Michigan and Florida – the same elections that they previously said wouldn’t count before she realized that they needed them to count, because they keep getting their butts kicked. The Michigan/Florida maneuver won’t work, of course, but it might have an impact on who runs this country during the next eight years.

I meant that last statement in two ways. First, if the Clintons continue to make fools of themselves and battle Obama like rabid dogs, they could give John McCain the life line he needs to “stay the course” from 2009-2012. Given that Bill’s escapades with Monica were crucial in electing President Bush in the first place, it would be quite ironic if the Clintons were responsible for electing Bush’s heir apparent for term number three.

My second point, however, is more subtle. If Hillary wants to help run this country during the next eight years, it isn’t going to be as President. And I don’t think Barack is dumb enough to let her serve as Vice President either. But … there is still a chance for Hillary to assume control over the U.S. Senate.

In my opinion, a deal could easily be struck to give Hillary Clinton the job currently held – and not exactly in triumphant fashion -- by Harry Reid. That could be an EXTREMELY powerful position if a truly gifted legislator holds it. And I have often maintained that Hillary Clinton, while she would make a poor President, is a much more natural legislator. If she gives up soon AND works like hell for Barack (as Mitt Romney has worked for McCain), the Democrats in the Senate might make the following proposition: “Barack, you get one branch of the Government, Hillary, you get another, and because of this deal, our party will assume control over the third. How ‘bout it?”

Well, Hillary. It’s your choice. Are you ready to serve your country, or are you really just a megalomaniac? America would like to know, because we’re interested in you as a personality.

But as far as this nomination is concerned, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the jello’s jiggling. And most likely, however sanely or crazily you behave from this point on, you’ve just been defeated by the first African American President in your nation’s history.

From a white man who visited Resurrection City when I was seven (40 years ago), let me just say that it’s about time!


YoungMan said...

Ah Dan,

I love it how you and your cult have hijacked the media to convince us that all's right with the world and that pledged delegates, a narrow lead in the popular vote and the number of sttes won foreordain your candidate.

Didn't 2000 teach you anything? It's electoral votes that counts....and he's wanting.....Yes Indiana was a squeaker for her as was Missouri...both have 11 electoral votes.

Here's the math that counts and why I dont worry that much about you and your fellow travellers.

Clinton: 244 Electoral Votes in 15 states

Obama: 210 Electoral Votes in 28 states.

The lead would be even greater had I counted Florida and Michigan. Also, when you consider the fact that many more of his primary wins came in states that will remain red (the south the Plains and Rocky Mountains) than hers, it shows how much that notwithstanding your current exultation, Senator Obama has a far more difficult road in November than Senator Clinton would have. She would win the general...but its doubtful Obama can.

I might trade you Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and maybe maybe Virginia for Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. A swing of +9 at most for the Democrats if I concede Virginia (a highly dubious one and I believe wishful thinking on the Dems part) so more likely a Pick Up of 4 for McCain...and I'd argue his chances of holding NM and Colorado are no worse than 50/50.

Bottom line....McCain 288/Obama 250 +/- 12. He winds up with no less than 277.

Sorry Dan, the math doesnt work for your candidate in the contest that really counts :).

Don't get too giddy quite yet.

Oh Bill King was way better than Chick Hearn. Going off being an expert on basketball announcers in my area of the country. Typical Beltway arrogance again at work thinking you know what's best for everyone, and if they disagree they're just not poperly educated. How Adlaiesque of you.

Daniel Spiro said...

It can't be more over.

As to the idea that Hillary won Indiana, the exit polls virtually prove that Rush Limbaugh gave Hillary her microscopic victory in Indiana.

Finally, as to the idea that you're not worried about me and my fellow travelers, I can assure you that the Republicans who are involved in politics are worried. Rush might have help to exaggerate the number of Republicans who are truly switching votes in November, but the fact remains that most Americans are poised for a change. There are only so many racists out there to deny Barack the victory he deserves. I'm looking forward to the first debate, when McCain says "Iraq" when he means "Iran" and demonstrates his paltry command over economics.

Mary Lois said...

Wasn't it wonderful to hear another of his victory speeches? Now if the Superdelegates will just start to move.

I guess according to your friend I am in a cult. So nice to be summed up like that by somebody with such a closed mind. It's one thing to have a two-party system, not my favorite since I think there should be at least five -- but the idea is to let new thinking in, not to shut it out by throwing numbers around and acting like this is just a ball game (or a horse race). It's our children's future we are thinking about here.

Oh, well. I'm sure that fell on deaf ears too.

YoungMan said...

There you go again Reverend Wright.

The cities will burn if Barack doesnt win. And on November 5th, if he doesn't win, its all the fault of uneducated Gomer racists from rural Pennsylvania.

And you should be scared if Rush Limbaugh actually can influence the outcome because, as Indiana proves, it aint going to go your way. (Guess its too bad that Al Franken and Air America wentr bankrupt so now hes trying to get a government job...how predictable). Notice that as is typical for those of your cult, you did not contest my electoral vote calculations or my premise as it is too painful for you to consider and they are correct.

BTW, how many times did you listen to a Chick Hearn or Bill King broadcast live. Bet Ive got you beaten on that too.

Its so easy to wishfully think inside the BEltway.

Daniel Spiro said...

Mary Lois,

Please don't let youngman rain on our parade. He's got to vent now, because deep down, he's smart enough to know that the politician he really shouldn't want in the White House -- a progressive who is about to get things done! -- is poised to get elected.


I have no doubt you've heard both King and Hearn more than I have, given that you are a native Californian. So you've got me on that one.

Betty C. said...

It was nice to feel "up" again. I'm watching more political coverage via YouTube, etc...and this summer I'll be back in the States to soak it all in!