Saturday, May 21, 2016

Empathic Rationalism Begins At Home

I will show you the courtesy of not boring you with too many medical details.  But the bottom line is that an upper-respiratory infection has left your humble scribe in quite a state this weekend.   Consequently, I'm going to essentially "call in sick" from my blogging duties, much as I did from my office duties on Friday. The hope is that on Monday, I will be back in the office to begin my 32nd year as an employee of the United States Government. 

That's right -- Monday the 23rd will be my 31st anniversary as a federal civil servant.  Over the decades, I've seen the public's respect for that career path drop, fueled in part by politicians who enjoy scapegoating federal workers as lazy and overpaid.  The truth is that some are lazy, and some are overpaid, but that can be said about private sector employees as well.  There are also plenty of  federal civil servants who are hard working and grossly underpaid and yet are willing to continue to do their jobs out of a sense of duty to their country.  I am proud to work with these people on a daily basis and would encourage young people who are looking to enter the workforce to do the same.

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