Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Great Time … and a Better Suggestion

I don’t have a lot of time to post this weekend – though I did spoil you with two posts last weekend, so don’t feel abandoned.  My uncharacteristic brevity stems from other commitments, but none was greater than the opportunity to see an old friend who I have not seen in literally 30 years.

I went to college with that friend.   He was in my freshman dorm.   We roomed together sophomore year.   And I went to law school with him as well – once again, we were in the same class.   Then, after graduating in 1984, we never saw each other again … until last evening.  We had a great time.   In fact, our law school classmate, aka my wife, also had a great time seeing him.   

When I dropped him off at the train, I could only shake my head at the absurdity of letting that kind of time pass without reconnecting.  Maybe it was part my fault, maybe part his fault, but surely we both are too blame.   Then again, isn’t that part of the human condition?   Anyone who lives long enough has friendships like these, where both parties simply don’t stay in touch and the next thing you know it would feel awkward to get back in touch.

Well I’m here to say that if a friendship is close enough, it’s like bicycle riding: you can pick up right where you left off during the best of the times that you spent together.   So do yourselves a favor, each of you, and think about whether you have a friendship like the one I’m talking about.   Think about whether you could pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t seen in decades but who you once knew like a brother (or a sister).   And then make the call.

Surely, you can envision one friendship where that call would be worth it.

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