Wednesday, June 23, 2010


McChrystal and his staff have insulted the President, the Vice President, other leaders of the Administration, and most importantly, the millions upon millions of Americans who support the Administration but do not share its faith in a never-ending war in Afghanistan. When this egomaniac referred to the "real enemy" as the "wimps in the White House," that was his way of sticking it to a large segment of the American population, and perhaps the clear majority of the Democratic Party, who have grown tired of trusting our leaders that surges and/or wars of choice are always in the national interest. It can be argued that we were wrong in opposing this latest surge, but there's no argument that we deserve to be kicked in the teeth simply because of our position.

McChrystal has since apologized for his comments, but at the time he made them, he knew exactly what he was doing. After all, the statements were made to representatives of a magazine who clearly intended to print what they heard. McCrystal hasn't denied that he understood these comments would be printed or that he made the comments that are attributed to him. Frankly, I don't even know why he is bothering to apologize -- it would appear that his comments served their intended purpose, to rip apart anyone and everyone who isn't clamoring for war.

I say send him back home and let him spew his macho rhetoric to a more sympathetic audience, like perhaps on Fox News. We don't need people like that representing a Democratic Administration.

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