Monday, October 20, 2008


Thinks got a little hot and heavy over the weekend with the comments to my last blogpost. So let me say the following:

I can't truly say "I feel your pain." But I can relate to what it feels like to support losing teams. I am, after all, a Democrat. And a Vikings fan. And a Twins fan. And a devoted Stanford Cardinal. (And yes, I watched Stanford's defense fall apart down the stretch to F-Ucla on Saturday.) So I understand the value of venting.

This morning, do yourself a favor. Disregard my words and focus on the eloquent and moving words of Colin Powell this past weekend. I'm willing to bet that you are incapable of descending into the Rush-ian depths of blaming Powell's endorsement simply on his race. And I assume you would recognize that Powell is one of the more distinguished public servants of this past generation. So just listen to what he said about Obama. And then consider whether Obama's highest advisors are truly willing to lower their shields against the terrorists.

As it has been pointed out, I work in D.C. -- nearly at the midpoint of the Capitol and the White House. The last thing I want to see in Washington is a President who is soft on terrorism. But I don't think you'll find that in Barack Obama. Powell, obviously, doesn't either.


YoungMan said...

Yes the rhetoric did get hot.....

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.....and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue...

My guy said those words....but I ever since I've known you, you have applied them to your political advocacy in your own fashion....when you do, I do...Dan you cannot be described as a "moderate" politically, or frankly in any any other fashion (except maybe in your taste in cars)

Anyhow, I remain concerned that we seemingly are about to elect a President with the foreign policy of Neville Chamberlain combined with the domestic policies of Clement Attlee..and seemingly his own running mate is also simililarly concerned....that is truly the road to serfdom (small caps)

Daniel Spiro said...


I would agree that I am not a moderate. I am an unabashed liberal -- not a knee-jerk liberal, but I am generally on the leftward half of the American political spectrum and don't apologize for that.

As for Barack's foreign policy, I don't see him as being another Chamberlain. It is one thing to talk to enemies. It's another to let them walk all over you. It remains to be seen that he will do the latter.

YoungMan said...

As is typical, you ignore the points that are uncomfortable for you discuss. Bust silence confers agreement.

I consider Obama's pursit of domestic economic policies in the mold of Clement Attlee as a far greater threat to this nation than any potrntial terrorist attack. That is the true terrorist threat of the next eight years, which in no small part is responsible for our current stockmarket woes.