Friday, September 05, 2008


OK, I admit it. You all have found one hell of a celebrity in Sarah Palin. Great story. Her political views are pre-historic, but she has great presence and she's a great story. Plus, she actually comes across as sincere ... even to me. So congrats, so far, on finding a diamond in the rough.

But seriously, was your convention really worth it? I'm a politics junkie and I couldn't stay awake through John McCain's speech. I'm told that the last 90 seconds was good, but I was literally asleep by then. So I couldn't see anything good in that speech, other than it will help my candidate (Obama) win the election.

If McCain is going to give that flat a speech, why then hold a convention? And why hold it Minnesota, where you guys are down by double digits? Don't you know how tragic that decision has been? My Minnesota Twins had to play fourteen friggen games in a row on the road because you were using their hometown. Fourteen games! They haven't won a game in a week. You've got their unhittable closer blowing save after save. Was that really necessary? What did the poor Minnesota Twins ever do to you? They've never raised your taxes.

Next time, hold your convention in Alaska and leave the Major Leagues alone. On behalf of all Minnesotans (including their passed-up Governor) and Twins fans everywhere, get the hell out of town and take your sleepy Presidential candidate along with you!

As for Sarah, she's earned a trip to Washington ... as Senator Stevens' replacement. I'll offer right now that if she comes to my town in that capacity, I'll cradle little Trig like everyone else.


YoungMan said...


When she comes to'll be nothing more than another piece of roadside moose kill.

Here's another bonus for you

Poor Obama! Where’s HIS country music? Can a man be elected president of these United States without the backing of real American music? I don’t think so. Those Germans and Euro-peons may love the guy, God bless em, but these folks here in this video get to vote for the Leader of the Free World. So long, it’s been good to know ye, Obama. “Auf Wiedersehen” until we all learn to speak French or one of those other useless Euro-lingos. For now - we’re all just raisin’ McCain.

If that’s not enough “raisin’ McCain” for you, they are giving away a FREE download of the MP3 file at:


Daniel Spiro said...


Did you call country music "real American music?" If that's what you're listening to these days, my condolences.

YoungMan said...

Dieter (Oh I meant Dan)

Yes I can believe you'd rather be stuck in the hostel in Brussels with the Euro TechnoSprockets (like in the AT&T Wireless ad if youve seen it), than go to see Toby Keith.

And country music does appeal to those swing Scots-Irish voters that both sides need more than anything youre likely to have on your iPod.


Mary Lois said...

Leave it to youngman to point out the really important issues for America to be proud of.

Daniel Spiro said...

Mary Lois,

Youngman has correctly reasoned that if the American public focuses on the issues, his side loses. So they have to turn this election on extraneous factors. It's the same strategy the czars used to calm down the peasants in 19th century Russia -- immortalized in "Fiddler on the Roof," among other works of art and literature.

YoungMan said...


We win on the issues. We win on the music.

You are so uncomfortable out of your Beltway shethl. Maybe thats why youre comfortable in ghettos.


Daniel Spiro said...

Actually, youngman, I'm not comfortable in ghettos ... or in the knowledge that they exist. That's why we have community organizers -- to make them more bearable.

But I don't supposed Sarah Palin doesn't know that, does she. She probably isn't very familiar with inner cities or the kinds of people who live in them.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with the Jewish vote over the next several weeks. Your half-Jewish, big guy. You can probably render a few guesses.

YoungMan said...


You and your unctuous "we live in larger cities we know better we know" poverty mantra. Chicago is larger than Wasilla so its more "worthy".

Small towns are just as complex and have their share of ghettoes, they're called trailer parks. But since you never have left your beltway ghetto except for the academy, how would you possibly know that?

Oh I forgot you and community organizer Punahou Oxy Columbia Harvard Barry know everything. Don't flatter yourself with the so-called "impressiveness" of your resumes cause you went to Harvard Law and she went to Idaho. I went to your undergrad school and went to what some would argue is the best business school in the land, but find such "impressive" unctuousness of the Obama camp and its fellow travelers repulsive.

You're a second generation Federal government bureaucrat who was sent down by the Almighty to tell us country music lovin' folks how are money should be spent and our lives regulated. After all you never have had anything but a public sector income and benefits, how can any one else possibly have it better than you?

We just dont know any better do we?, opting not to have you or Barry run our lives for us when you can do it so much better than we are able to for ourselves.


YoungMan said...

Dieter Danny,

The Jewish vote will be 50/50 split among those who recognize that we need a strong leader like McCain who will keep Israel safe by circumscribing Iranian power, and guilt ridden effetists like you who have a guilt complex (for what I just dont know) and seek to choose how to spend other people's money in an attempt to assuage such.

The polls tell us where the Florida bubbes are landing....the only place the Jewish vote matters anymore. It ain't to Barry.