Thursday, August 21, 2008


Let me begin with a confession. I was wrong in suggesting that Joe Biden would be a decent choice for Veep notwithstanding his support for the Iraq War. I hadn’t bothered to research all the crazy things the man has said in the past two years which, taken together, would almost certainly sink the Obama campaign if they were attributed to his VP nominee. Now that Biden's comments are out in the open, only a fool would suggest that Biden and Obama could run on the same ticket. My apologies to the readers of this blog.

I still like Joe B as a man and as a statesman. But a VP for Barack Obama? Don’t think so.

The second fool is none other than the ex-Maverick turned right-wing suck-up, John McCain. Last weekend at Saddleback, I was impressed with his speaking skills. Today, though, he has me shaking my head.

How can a guy run for President at a time that could arguably be called a recession and not know how many friggen houses he has? I thought that his entire charm was that he was a regular guy – someone we can relate to. How can any of us relate to someone who has so many homes that he can’t even number them? This isn't even an issue of his being rich. I bet most billionaires know the number of their homes.

More importantly, how can a guy like this possibly understand what it means to be hurting economically? No wonder he’s already admitted that he doesn’t know much about economics.

Here’s my advice to McCain going forward. Find out something, anything about your personal assets, just in case the topic might come again on the campaign trail. It's frankly not enough to repeat the mantra "I was a POW, I was a POW, I was a POW," as if that means you know what's it's like to be poor in 2008. We all recognized that you did your time, but that was more than 30 years ago. A lot has changed since then -- including your wives. Apparently, the second one (the much younger, much richer one) has a habit of buying stuff. That's fine, but if it's jointly in your name, you might want to open your eyes to what your wife is doing, just like the rest of us married men do.

So OK. That’s it for the two fools. Now the prediction:

I’ve been thinking about this Democratic VP pick, and there really does seem to be only one sensible choice. His name is Jack Reed. War hero. Graduated first in his class at West Point. Democratic Senator who opposed the Iraq War in 2002. Someone who gets along with Barack. And a name that has been kept relatively quiet, which means that his selection should generate more buzz.

He’s the guy, or at least he should be. Watch and see if it happens. We'll know within a day or two.


YoungMan said...

Bill Ayers....Tony Rezko bought me a house.

Who cares how many houses Cindy McCain has? At least her family legally made the money selling beer rather than going to a felon for the down. Oh by the way Tennessee Republicans, I'm a Saint, Stop attacking my wife. Joke.

John McCain is no saint, but Punahou Oxy Barry O'Bomber Dunham has pretended to be a transformational angel. His wings have been deservedly clipped if not singed away. But even as you should know from Moses the Heretic Danny, ye have fallen on one of the commandments for the pastt several years...something about worshipping a false God.

Jack Reed,,,,yawn....brings nothing. Biden would be risky, but respectable.

Maybe Barry can take over from Ernie Kent as the next Oregon Basketball coach and go up against his brother-in-law. That might be change Novick Could Believe In.


Daniel Spiro said...


The question wasn't "How many houses does your wife own?" It was "How many houses do YOU own?" I can't imagine how anyone couldn't answer that question unless they're one of the ten or twenty richest people in the world.

Frankly, I also don't understand this "Punahou Oxy Barry O'Bomber Dunham" crap either. I wasn't writing about Obama. I was writing about me, McCain, Biden and Reed. You seem to want to take every opportunity possible to turn Obama into someone who is less than human. It's sad that you do this. Very sad.

You can say what you want about Obama -- "he's no saint" certainly works for me, and since he's a politician, that's surely true. But he's a good man. He deserves better than the bile you spew at him.

Just answer me this: If a Democrat ran for President after dumping his crippled wife when they were in their 40s, only to find a rich woman in her early 20s, would you not be absolutely demonizing that Democrat? This is the state of GOP politics today.

Remember -- I supported John McCain over Al Gore early in the primary season in 2000. Have you ever supported ANY Democrat for President? And no, George Wallace doesn't count.

Mary Lois said...

Dan, I think it's going to be Biden. I don't think he's going to pull a dark horse out at this point. If not Biden, possibly Bayh.

The only thing I'll take bets on at this point (besides the suspicion that youngman will vote for McCain no matter what he says or does) is that the word will be out on Obama's choice for v-p tomorrow morning. I'm taking odds that the donors will get the word by email at 8 A.M. Eastern Time, and that it will be all over the media before the press conference at noon.

YoungMan said...


You and the media built him up as if he were Elvis or the Beatles, or for that matter Moses, or the second coming of Christ (maybe Muhammed) through your slavish hero worship.

Hes none of these. Reap the whirlwind.