Tuesday, February 12, 2008


How sweet it is to see Maryland, Virginia and D.C. overwhelmingly go for Obama ... and against cynicism. This isn't just any region of the country. This is the region where we take politics REALLY, REALLY seriously. Despite the best efforts of his opponent to portray Barack as a neophyte who is far from ready, we politically junkies seem to be more than ready for Barack.

I spoke to a Clinton delegate this evening from Washington State and he seemed reconciled to an Obama victory. The betting markets now have Barack as a 7:3 favorite.

I'm beginning to smell an upset. In fact, I'm getting a big whiff of one. Unless something happens to change the momentum soon, I just can't see the superdelegates telling all the young people who have given Barack his majority to shove their enthusiasm up their ass. Forgive my French, but that's how it would be interpreted if the superdelegates steal the election for Hillary.

Remember that Barack hasn't simply won eight primaries/caucuses in a row. He's winning them by a range of 20 to 50 points. These are blowouts. And they're happening in the Caribbean, the Deep South, the Mid Atlantic, the Northeast, the Midwest, and the Far West. Barack has now won the District of Columbia, all the territories that have voted, and more than two/thirds of the states that have voted. I'm beginning to detect a trend here. Maybe, just maybe, we can have a family in the White House other than the Bushes and the Clintons.


Betty C. said...

Washington State did pretty well for the cause, too.

You're right -- the margins are overwhelming.

Daniel Spiro said...

I'm counting on Oregon to go Barack's way just like Washington. And North Carolina. And Mississippi. And Hawaii. Those are my four "locks" as they say in sports.

Night Stranger said...

Oh, but how about Ohio? How about Texas? This is so exciting!

Daniel Spiro said...

Well, it's never over 'till it's over. And this one certainly isn't over. But it's still amazing that he could be the front runner this late in the race.

YoungMan said...

Oh Danny Boy and ytteb too

Asphyxiated by your potomac belt-loop again. Your boy Barack hasnt won any "states" outside the Potomac. Calling caucus victories in states where it is expected and legal to shoot Democrats like pests can hardly be called a trend.

Danny, the man has no substance. THe only reason he's winning is that Hillary got overconfident and didnt organize in those states in which no Democrat can possibly win, the areas you contemptuously refer to as Jesusland.

Well in Jesusland we appreciate candidates who know what it means to pay taxes and not consider it a generational right to direct other peoples lives on the public payroll.

Tell me Danny, have u made one copper penny in your life that didnt come from an inheritance or a government check.....see you and Barack are soulmates.

Betty had the right idea, she moved to France where they already have the socialist paradise you fantasize of.

And we will have someone other than the Bushes or Clintons in the Whitehouse....the McCains.

Simmer Down Young Man!

Daniel Spiro said...

Youngman --

It's good to know you haven't lost your edge. I look forward to talking to you about how President Obama is doing 12 months from now.

YoungMan said...


Your Fantasyland may be indulged by the voters.....but, think about it was Jimmy Carter good for either you or the Country. I argue that he was, because the result was an ensuing 12 years of "Morning in America". Barack may win, but the country will not retain someone to the left of McGovern who makes empty platitudes upon which hell never deliver. Unfortunately the world is too dangerous for us to take the chance.

It was your City that was attacked. Not mine.

Betty C. said...


I beg your pardon? I don't think you can presume to know why I moved to France, which by the way had absolutely nothing to do with anything political.

Of course, how easy it is to understand French politics so well from a distance. It's funny though, if you read the French political press -- I'm sure you do, right? --you'd know how out-dated and off-target, almost hilarious actually, your "socialist paradise" remark is.

Get a grip! It's 2008, not 1981...

Seriously, though, I'd appreciate your not publishing remarks about my life story, which you know nothing about, to fuel knee-jerk banalities about a foreign country that you certainly know even less about.

Thank you.

Daniel Spiro said...

Simmer down, young man.

Barack will be elected. He will push through ideas that most Americans believe in. And yes, some of them will require sacrifices. But this is no Jimmie Carter. Carter came across as a sanctimonious downer. Barack, stylistically, is much more like Reagan.

YoungMan said...

Barack may well be elected if he can keep 51% focussed on vapid platitudes and shibboleths. If he can't, and voters figure out that he's to the left of Barney Frank...he goes down in flames.

How can a 2nd generation government bureaucrat who has fed off the tax trough since the date of his birth have any idea of what most Americans believe in?

Stop Flattering Yourself