Thursday, November 22, 2007


Lately, I've been writing new posts only on weekends, but allow me briefly to break that habit and thank each of you who have been reading this blog ... and a special thanks for those who have been offering comments.

When I started the Empathic Rationalist last year at the request of my publisher, I was not an avid blog reader and had no idea if I'd take to this format. What's made the process worthwhile is the feedback that you all have given me -- both in print and orally. It makes cyberspace seem a whole lot less lonely.

So again -- thanks to each of you for making this a place where empathy and rationalism can grow together. And in that order.


Betty C. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, although I think technically I missed it by a few hours.

Night Stranger said...

You're welcome. I love reading your blog, which is certainly one of the most literate and interesting ones I've found. Have a wonderful holiday season and a great 2008. (I know it's early, but everything is early this year.)

Let's hope the 2008 election works out well!