Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Some cable network played 1776 on TV last night. I watched a few minutes during halftime of the Monday Night Football game. That's one movie I never grow tired of watching. And no matter how lousy the choices, I never grow tired of voting either.

Whatever you do today, don't forget to vote. If you're around other people, feel free to remind them too. I swear it's not a waste of time. The state of political apathy in America is such that many people who would vote are probably likely to forget if they're not reminded. So feel free to remind them even if you would be insulted if someone reminded you.

Optimally, instead of simply voting, we would all spend the day lit dropping, making phone calls or picking some other task in support of the candidates and party of our choice. Since I'm busy novel writing today, I'm unfortunately not spending my time helping people's votes get counted. But that wasn't the case two years ago, and I doubt it will be the case two years from now. Working on election day is one of my favorite pastimes.

Who's going to win today? I feel quite certain in this prediction: I don't have a friggen clue. This country is so polarized, and almost evenly so, that it has become virtually impossible to predict the results of an election. Of course, that makes election day that much more exciting. I'm envious of my friends on the West Coast who (a) might actually know by the time they go to bed which party is going to take the House and the Senate and (b) give a damn. There are a few people I know -- even a few friends -- who fall into the first category, but not the second. I'm not envious of them.


Grammie said...

Well, I did my civic duty and went to the polls today to vote. Several races in our local elections are interesting...we women are trying to oust some of the "good ole boy" network of judges especially in the divorce court! I am anxious to see those results. And, for the first time ever, I actually found myself voting to re-elect a Republican governor, Bob Riley. He is a friend to Israel amongst other things...and, probably the first governor in a long time to serve a term without embarrassing the state of Alabama. Sadly, that says a lot here.

Daniel Spiro said...


I had heard good things about Riley when I was hanging out in Birmingham a few years ago (I worked on a couple of Birmingham cases). I heard that he cared a lot about the poor, for example. If so, then perhaps you made the right choice!

Speaking of Birmingham, thank God for that area around the University, for it actually had a few places where I could eat some vegetable protein. In the area around the U.S. Attorney's office, where I working, I could barely finding anything to eat. In fact, the only thing I remembered from one of the restaurants, aside from the lack of veggy sustenance, was that everyone was smoking cigarettes. It's a different world there, my friend. A different world.

Grammie said...

Come back to Bham and give it another chance! : )

I don't know when you were here last but we have come a LONG way! I promise! The days of fried food and soggy veggies have been replaced with a much healthier fare. Almost all restaurants are smoke free now too...thank God! We even have some award-winning restaurants here now! Frank Stitt is one chef who has really changed the way we eat here. : )

The University has brought a whole new population to Bham....a population that has demanded better.

We are making strides (s-l-o-w-l-y) in so many areas, including race relations. The problems were so blatant here that Bham had to do something about it... whereas in many other cities, the racial problems just simmer under the surface seemingly unnoticed....but still there nonetheless.

Bham still has many issues, especially some perception problems, but we are moving in the right direction.
: )

BTW Bob Riley was re-elected along with Jim Folsom(D) as his Lt. Gov. Many of the "good ole boy" judges were replaced yesterday with some forward thinking women! yay