Sunday, January 05, 2020

Jew Versus Jew: How Incomplete Visions of the Faith are Dividing the People

Recently I wrote an essay for two groups:  Jews and Allies (i.e., anti-Semites or people who don’t care about Jews per se shouldn’t bother to read it).  The essay addresses the hatred/disrespect related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict that threatens to undermine Jewish solidarity at a time when that solidarity is especially important.  I will analyze why a schism exists among Jews concerning the Conflict and why both sides have a legitimate point to make based on authentic Jewish values.  So I’m not trying to persuade anyone to “change teams,” so much as to foster mutual respect.  You could say that this is an invitation to intrafaith dialogue, which sometimes is every bit as vital as interfaith dialogue.  I hope you find the essay to be thought-provoking. Here it is.